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Service Commun de Formations Continue et par Alternance - SEFCA

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3-DAY PROGRAM, DIJON : Understanding the diversity,the enhancement of Terroirs and the viticulture in Burgundy.


The terroir is not a myth. It can be explained with agronomic interactions between grapevine, its environment and human knowledge.Burgundy offers a unique possibility to study and to understand the role of physical and human factors on terroir expression. Vineyard management and plant material in Burgundy are as diverse as the number of different terroirs.Terroir and vineyard management is a three days program following by a two days complementary program called Burgundy wine specificities.TVM, gives the keys to understand how local climate and soil diversity affect the oenological potential of grapes and how vineyard management techniques, oenological practices and marketing can be used to manage diversity and enhance terroir expression.


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From February 10th to 12th 2020 at Vine and Wine Institute "Jules Guyot", University of Burgundy
Pre-registration on-line between now and november the 15th, 2019.

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